People with ichthyosis, who shed more than the normal amount of skin, the skin also shed inside the ear canal which combine with wax and form a solid material. This solid material may itch or smell and may cause a reduction in hearing. Cleaning ear wax is the most sensitive part. Flaky external ear is usual. Some adults put few drops of oil or favorite lotion & use bobby pin/cotton bud to remove solid wax. If your child’s ear is not cleaned properly, it’s hearing will be impaired temporarily. Infants must hear well to learn to speak well. Discuss with your pediatrician about safe ways to keep your child’s ears cleaned of debris from exfoliating skin. Have your, or your child’s, hearing checked regularly. Your physician may recommend an earwax remover that is sold over the counter. Never stick anything in your or your child’s ears; this can puncture the eardrum and cause hearing loss. If your baby seems to constantly rub or pull at his or her ears, it may have a build up of scale in the ears that is causing itching.

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