Dry & itchy scaly scalp is a common problem for ichthyosis affected people. If the scalp care isn’t done properly, it will be the suitable place for rapid growth of microorganisms.

The recommended way to treat scalp scales is to coat the scalp with your favorite lotion or oil to soften the scale, cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and go to sleep; shampoo in the morning and brush or comb scales out after shampooing. Use a fine-toothed comb to pull up scales. A dog’s flea and tick comb is very fine, or use one made to remove head lice nits.

For children – wrap head in a bandana instead of a shower cap, or cover shower cap with a soft hat that ties under the chin to keep it from sliding around.

Products that may work are Zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, salicylic acid, tar containing shampoos which are commonly used to remove scalp scale. Consult with your dermatologist before trying them.

  • Nizoral Shampoo with 2% ketonazole.
  • T-Sal Extra Strength Shampoo, by Neutrogena
  • Pantene Anti-dandruff Shampoo
  • Selsun Blue Shampoo
  • Seborin Anti-dandruff Shampoo
  • Mineral oil

** If the scalp is sensitive, or has some areas of open skin, some of these products will sting. Consult with your doctor before using any of these products on an infant or child.

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