We are happy to share that Center For Ichthyosis Related Members Foundation is officially registered.

Welcome To CIRM

Welcome to Centre for Ichthyosis Related Members – India. We are group of people in India who work closely with people with Ichthyosis or people related to Ichthyosis. It’s a National wide organization representing a collective voice of all patients. The group got created in 2011 and currently growing every day. To be part of this group please join us by selecting this link.

For all latest news and events please visit this site Latest News section.

Mission Statement

  • To preserve and protect the health of and to relieve persons affected by ichthyosis and any associated condition.
  • To enabled the basic knowledge of medical professionals and the general public on the subject of ichthyosis and its implications for the family.
  • To promote research into the management of ichthyosis and to publish the useful results thereof, and to support organizations promoting research into ichthyosis.

Core Values

  • Compassion – We are a caring organization recognizing the unique challenges faced by our community and will provide support with kindness and empathy.
  • Hope – While celebrating today’s strengths and successes, we strive to convey to all individuals affected by ichthyosis that the future will be filled with friendship, support and a cure for ichthyosis.
  • Integrity – We will conduct ourselves in a trustworthy, ethical, and reliable manner in everything we do and say.
  • Responsiveness – We provide accurate and timely information about ichthyosis to meet the medical, social and educational needs of our community.